Ideas For At-Home Activities With Your Kids

Place a red dot on your children’s left hand with a marker. The RED DOT is serving as a reminder for some of the calming methods used by play therapists who work with children.

Body scan: A tool to teach the children new coping techniques when they are feeling overworked up. By noticing the sensations on their bodies, their heart racing, breathing… An 11-minute body scan for children to help bring calmness, attention, and appreciation to hectic daytime routines and bedtime rituals.

Anger Balloon: Have your child blow up balloons and let the air out as the balloon flew around the room. We talked about what it feels like when we are about to pop, just like a balloon. We compared how we sometimes can pop like balloons. We discussed how there are healthy ways to let the air (anger) out of our balloons in an appropriate and healthy way.  (Theraplay) 

Cotton Ball Hockey: Take a standard-sized pillow, and each of you holds one end. Then you put a cotton ball in the middle and blow it to knock it off. You do this back and forth to try and score points. (Theraplay) 

Bubbles: Blow bubbles in front of a child and help him pop them with fingers or toes. You can also have the child alternate and wait their turn as you switch back and forth popping the bubbles. (Theraplay)